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Image by Agence Olloweb


Our two main programs are the Christmas Gift Program and the Backpack/School Supplies Program.

The Lakeland Sharing Foundation is solely funded by donations. It’s an all-volunteer organization with no administrative costs, so 100 percent of donations support local children in need.

At the Christmas distribution, parents select gifts for their children for Christmas. They also receive a family game/gift and blanket for their family, plus a book, pair of gloves and hat for each child. During the 2021 Christmas season, the Lakeland Sharing Foundation served more than 700 children.

The backpack and student support programs assist with school supplies and miscellaneous student costs for families in need. In August, the program distributes about 800 backpacks filled with supplies to students in the community.

- LSF is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation. -

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